Suave - Room 5

La Diabla + Yibril Rue

door opening 01:00 H (Saturday morning)
advance 16 € (fee included)
ticket office 18 €

Free long drink or 2 beers/soft drinks with your tickets.


The influence of the Caribbean and Africa on global music has always been essential, but today more than ever, African, and especially Latin sounds are conquering the international market. At Suave you can find huge global hits combined with others direct from the urban underground and a party where you can sweat and dance without prejudice. Suave is the place to enjoy Latin rhythms, dance pitori or durban and enjoy the combination of Latin and African rhythms and percussion with cutting edge electronic music.

La Diabla

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La Diabla es un DJ y productor de la isla de Gran Canaria, residente en Barcelona. Su música hace un viaje por los sonidos latinos,  el baile funk, el UK Funky y las distintas vertientes de la música de club. Su lema es "stay close to the fire extinguiser" y eso es lo que espera que hagas en sus sets.

Yibril Rue

Sorry, but this content is available only in spanish.