Pop Bar - Room 4

Siria Dj + YYMHDJS

door opening 01:00 H (saturday morning)
advance 15 € (gastos incluidos)
ticket office 17 €

Entradas con consumición incluida.


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Irene y Paco, #YYMHDJS (Yoymihermana Dj’s) son dos hermanos gaditanos que hace 4 años decidieron emprender 
una atrevida y divertida aventura en la ciudad condal. Las noches de Barcelona fueron la causa de que empezaran a plantearse su incorporación en el mundo de la música. Alegría, buen rollo y diversión ayudaron a estos artistas a emprender su experiencia como Dj's en algunas fiestas de la noche de Barcelona. 

Empezaron en la Sala Upload (Pueblo Español) y a raíz de ahí, consiguieron una residencia mensual en el famoso Teatro "El Molino", pasando por bares y salas como el Manchester Bar,
Diamante (Cádiz), Axel Hotel (Barcelona), The Apartment o Cabaret Berlin, donde compartían cabina con djs de la talla de David Delfin, Prince Pelayo, Bimba Bosé o Nancy Travesti, entre otros...
Aquí crearon su propia fiesta llamada "Bananadrama".
También han pasado por la Sala LA 3 (Valencia) y actualmente son residentes en la sala popbar de Razzmatazz (Barcelona).

Siria Dj

When Siria was first planted behind the decks to play the music that no one else was putting on at the time, she never imagined it would take her this far. Now after a decade spinning disks, being in the DJ booth has become an essential part of her life.  A Barcelona native, this impetuous Dj is a seasoned performer at various stage battles and venues of every variety Her suitcase is packed with songs ranging from the 80s, 90s and 2000s, plus dance hits from now. What is for sure is that you won't forget one Siria Dj sessions easily, when she is playing fun is guaranteed.  

The Pop Bar, with its splendid windows overlooking Calle Almogàvers, has become Razzmatazz’s real visual trademark. Here the focus is on melodies, catchy choruses and no-holds-barred dancing, accepting practically any subgenre. Resident DJs are Dani Patch, Perotutehasvisto, Siria and Jon & Monique, and DJs like Algar & La Pringada, Britney Calva, Carlos Bayona, Niño Fixo and Laura Put are also regulars in the booth. RnB, hits, technopop, 80s, 90s or the most hyped songs of the moment are all heard in this venue thanks to a diverse selection of guest and resident DJs. We present concerts by national and international established and emerging artists on a stage that may be small, but that packs a punch. Florence & The Machine, The Gossip, Klaxons, Cut Copy, Hidrogenesse and Dragonette have all performed here. We also put on parties here that are now well-established on the Barcelona scene, such as Smells Like 90s (with Albertcode and Robert Martex), Back to the 80s (with Albertcode and guests) and Bling! (with Cascales). All you need is Pop!!

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