Beach House

door opening 20:00 H Sound of Ceres 20:30 / Beach House 21:30
advance 30 € + fee

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From Baltimore to the sky.  Beach House have not visited us yet but are already announcing their return.  Their concert at Primavera Sound on Saturday 2nd June will be their only European festival date this summer.  But as our blissful relationship with them is eternal, we already have two new dates on the horizon:  27th September at La Riviera (Madrid) and 28 September at Razzmatazz (Barcelona). The allure of Beach House is boundless.


By the time they come back, Victoria Legrand and Alex Scally’s album will already have been out for a few months.  It will be called 7, for its position in their discography, and will be released on 11th May.  Co-produced with Sonic Boom (Peter Kember), to mention validation when talking about them is superfluous:  they have been on the transatlantic dream pop cruise boat for years now, travelling calmly without anybody or anything perturbing their inspiration.

In 2015 they released two albums almost simultaneously, Depression Cherry and Thank Your Lucky Stars, followed by a compilation of B sides and rarities in 2017 that served to “clean out the closet" as they themselves said and to pave the way for a new creative process.  For their seventh record they promise to change everything so that everything remains the same, fusing their sound to the op art universe present in their new image and announcing that 7 will be a more creative and versatile album.  All of this in order to address “the beauty that arises in dealing with darkness; the empathy and love that grows from collective trauma”.  Light, always light.