Trill - Room 5

TRILL X FACE DOWN ASS UP: Ms Von Disko + Sweet Drinkz

door opening 01:00 H (Sunday morning)
ticket office 19 € (10€ con pulsera Ombra Festival 2021) hasta completar aforo. Entrada por calle Pamplona 88

Free long drink or 2 beers/soft drinks with your tickets.
10€ with Ombra Festival 2021 wristband until filled to capacity.


Sorry, but this content is available only in spanish.

TAQUILLA: 19 € (hasta completar aforo)



La dj y promotora Ms von Disko aka Candela Calor, fundadora del colectivo y club Face Down Ass Up, se ha establecido como una de las principales innovadoras de la escena bass. Es promotora y como productora es conocida por sus edits de Rosalía, Childish Gambino o Bad Gyal.


El DJ y productor aragonés lleva en las cabinas desde los 90 influido por el eclecticismo de International DeeJay Gigoló Records de DJ Hell, 2ManyDJs,  Manchester o el colectivo australiano Bang Gang DJs, qu e el inculcaron ese amor por la técnica depurada y la variedad.

Conceived as a point of connection between RazzClub and The Loft, Rex Room functions as a kind of urban music laboratory, outside all prejudice, under the umbrella of Trill. Trill started in 2014 in Lolita, moving shortly afterwards to the Rex Room to take up residence there on Saturdays, and offering a venue for all kinds of styles related to this scene, such as RnB, dancehall, hip hop, trap, footwork, grime, cloud rap and future beats. Artists such as Arca, Murlo, Nguzunguzu, Alizzz, Shlohmo, Lotic, Dj Rosa Pistola, Steve Lean, Merca Bae, Sinjin Hawke & Zora Jones, and Pedro Ladroga have all passed through Trill’s doors. There are also regular nights with the collectives Soulection or Iberian Juke. The Trill Squad, its resident DJ crew, is made up of Sanatruja, Will Blake, Downites and Enpunto.