Little Sucio - Room 3

Little Sucio Poorlan

door opening 01:00 H (Thursday morning)

No tickets will be sold at the box office.

Resident DJ


Conocido como DJ Poorlan. Compagina su faceta de productor de música electrónica y urbana con la de deejay. Ha pasado por grupos y colectivos tales como Barcelona Crimen Squad y ha sido dj residente en las sesiones Rebel Beat Club en la Sala salamandra de l’Hospitalet de Llobregat, donde continua con las sesiones Zoco. Actualmente también es residente de las sesiones Sweat en la sala Sidecar.

El Dirty is the ultimate theme party that has filled Razzmatazz Clubs every Wednesday since 2009, headed by its DJs Purpur & Perotutehasvisto, fronted by the team of dancers. A magic formula that mixes outward-looking pop, wild dances, fancy-dress and a great desire to split the week in two. Since the end of 2016, the party has grown with El Sucio, a second venue where you can grind as if there were no tomorrow, with Latin and reggaeton rhythms brought to you by The Valley Brothers.