Saturday 23. December LA 1

Sat.23. Dec LA 1

Pop Bar - Room 4

Aleibsx + Jon & Monique

door opening: 01:00 H (Sunday morning)
ticket office: 20 €
advance: 17 €
Free long drink or 2 beers/soft drinks with your tickets.


Aleibsx DJ is Aleix Ibars, head of the Indiespot music website, active for more than 10 years. And in the same way that a website was a way to share all the music he liked, going live as a DJ allowed him to do that in real life. He has been doing it for 8 years, first as a resident of the indie room of BeCool (Barcelona) and later visiting the main venues and festivals of the country, from Razzmatazz to La [2] of Apolo including Ochoymedio (Madrid), Sala López (Zaragoza), FIB, Vida Festival, SOS 4.8, Arenal Sound... Always with fun as the main goal, achieved through indie, electronic or contemporary pop hits.

Jon & Monique

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