Pop Bar - Room 4

Anna Greenwood + Indiespot Dj

door opening 01:00 H (Sunday morning)
advance 16 €
ticket office 18 €

Free long drink or 2 beers/soft drinks with your tickets.

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Anna Greenwood, curtida como dj en las míticas fiestas Guilty Pleasures de Londres, vuelve a nuestro club para ofrecernos una nueva sesionaca repleta de delicias camp al alcance de tus caderas para que celebres el pop en sus formas y maneras más gloriosas, sorprendentes, frívolas, petardas y divertidas. De Hanson a Wham pasando por Go WestTake ThatHall & Oates o vete tú a saber que otra delicatessen que ronde por la cabeza de una de las Dj/Mcs más carismáticas y sexys que vas a conocer en lustros. Amamos a Anna Greenwood por encima de todas las cosas. Amén.




Resident DJ

Indiespot Dj

Indiespot DJ is Aleix Ibars, head of the Indiespot music website, active for more than 10 years. And in the same way that a website was a way to share all the music he liked, going live as a DJ allowed him to do that in real life. He has been doing it for 8 years, first as a resident of the indie room of BeCool (Barcelona) and later visiting the main venues and festivals of the country, from Razzmatazz to La [2] of Apolo including Ochoymedio (Madrid), Sala López (Zaragoza), FIB, Vida Festival, SOS 4.8, Arenal Sound... Always with fun as the main goal, achieved through indie, electronic or contemporary pop hits.

The Pop Bar, with its splendid windows overlooking Calle Almogàvers, has become Razzmatazz’s real visual trademark. Here the focus is on melodies, catchy choruses and no-holds-barred dancing, accepting practically any subgenre. Resident DJs are Dani Patch, Perotutehasvisto, Siria and Jon & Monique, and DJs like Algar & La Pringada, Britney Calva, Carlos Bayona, Niño Fixo and Laura Put are also regulars in the booth. RnB, hits, technopop, 80s, 90s or the most hyped songs of the moment are all heard in this venue thanks to a diverse selection of guest and resident DJs. We present concerts by national and international established and emerging artists on a stage that may be small, but that packs a punch. Florence & The Machine, The Gossip, Klaxons, Cut Copy, Hidrogenesse and Dragonette have all performed here. We also put on parties here that are now well-established on the Barcelona scene, such as Smells Like 90s (with Albertcode and Robert Martex), Back to the 80s (with Albertcode and guests) and Bling! (with Cascales). All you need is Pop!!