Saturday 13. July LA 1

Sat.13. Jul LA 1

LA 1 - Room 1

Slayyyter + DJ2D2

door opening: 1:00 H (Sunday morning)
ticket office: 20 €
advance: 17 € (fee included)
Free long drink or 2 beers/soft drinks with your tickets.


En 2019, π’π‹π€π˜π˜π“π„π‘ incendió el mundo del pop con su provocativo mixtape debut, generando más de 100 millones de reproducciones y despertando pasiones. Tras cautivar en su gira principal y seducir en colaboración con π“π¨π―πž 𝐋𝐨, lanzó su excitante álbum debut Troubled Paradise, alabado por los titanes de la música. El próximo 13 de julio π’π‹π€π˜π˜π“π„π‘ presentará 𝑺𝑻𝑨𝑹𝑭𝑼π‘ͺ𝑲𝑬𝑹 en un show único que te dejará sin aliento, fusionando su inconfundible sonido con un carisma arrollador.


DJ2D2 is a clear example of how to stand out on the national and international scene thanks to his deep knowledge of urban trends, an always-exquisite taste and an unerring technical and professional application in the DJ booth. We can say he’s an “all genres” type of DJ. His CV is impressive, with sets at the most prestigious festivals and clubs in Spain, including several Sónar appearances. It is difficult to find a dj as prestigious and popular, widely respected by the press and public alike, always being voted as one of the best DJs in the country, without a record production to his name.

 Since 2010 he’s pioneering in the art of playing video sets with the classical DJ tools: two turntables and one mixer. He mixes video clips of different genres making a visual and audio collage.

 In addition to his numerous sets in clubs and festivals around, David Pérez (DJ2D2’s real name) has an extensive experience selecting the soundtrack in all kinds of events. Some brands and companies that worked with him are: Adidas, Nike SB, Levi’s, Sony, J&B, Time Out, Brugal, Supra, TV3, BBDO, Hotel Barceló-Sants and many more…

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