Saturday 07. March Razzmatazz Clubs

Sat.07. Mar Razzmatazz Clubs

Pop Bar - Room 4

Siria Dj + Jon & Monique

door opening: 01:00 H (Sunday morning)
ticket office: 18 €
advance: 16 €

Free long drink or 2 beers/soft drinks with your tickets.

Siria Dj

When Siria was first planted behind the decks to play the music that no one else was putting on at the time, she never imagined it would take her this far. Now after a decade spinning disks, being in the DJ booth has become an essential part of her life.  A Barcelona native, this impetuous Dj is a seasoned performer at various stage battles and venues of every variety Her suitcase is packed with songs ranging from the 80s, 90s and 2000s, plus dance hits from now. What is for sure is that you won't forget one Siria Dj sessions easily, when she is playing fun is guaranteed.  

Jon & Monique

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