JUNGLE TING! - GREENDOG [ Antistatik ] + SUKA [ Breakstorm ] + EGRES + SEKEV

door opening 23:59 H
ticket office 10 €


Are you in Barcelona, Spain and have been looking for a party where you can feel right at home musically?

We strongly believe that a healthy musical genre in a city is healthy when all of the music and its sub categories are balanced. Balance for us means, events where people who don’t know about our music can enjoy their first contact and at the same time cater to the most demanding Jungle/Drum&Bass and other affiliated sounds junkies.

At JUNGLE TING! you’ll find every Thursday all kinds of people who love our music, we would love to see you there so come by and say hello and join the vibes with Jungle Jungle, the only active promoters for more than ten years dedicated to Jungle / Drum&Bass culture in Barcelona.